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Who We Are

Parrish Business Services, LLC is a Texas-based MBE, AABE, EDWOSB, SDB, WBE, WOSB, HUB certified strategic management consulting firm, specializes in offering research, analysis, and business advice to a variety of clients across business industries.

Parrish Business Services, LLC, under the auspices of Pat Parrish, Founder, and Managing Director, was established in 2014 with the mission of supporting individuals, organizations, and government agencies to develop and maintain a culture of diversity while enriching the fiscal viability of the entities the company serves and the wellbeing of the individuals the company supports.

Areas of expertise include coaching and mentoring as well as consulting in a variety of areas: business strategy, execution, and process improvement, project management, identifying and encouraging leadership skills, recruiting and developing talent, affirmative action planning, implementation, development, and compliance, as well as survey research, Human Resources support, and community engagement. Parrish Business Services is open to inquiries and all services, and consulting opportunities are available on a custom basis.


To identify the gaps that prevent those desiring to understand public policy, want to do business with the public and private sector and navigate the waters necessary to meet their business goals and objectives.


Bringing the best in class partnerships from private industry and government together we will help solve our customers most complex problems. We value and foster the trust of our clients by helping them comply with policy regulations, providing thoughtful counsel, community outreach and continuously seeking ways to improve.


The mission of Parrish Business Services, LLC dba Dallas Diversity 24/7 is to help organizations develop a culture of diversity while identifying revenue-diminishing operations.

Our Core Values


Our principles represent the way we do business, and our values will not be compromised as we seek greater profitability.


Our commitment to excellence will exceed all client expectations. We commit to quality, and we deliver quality.


Administrative management and general management consulting services.


Human resources consulting services.


Marketing consulting services.


Other management consulting services.


Other scientific and technical consulting services.


All other professional; scientific; and techincal services.


Office administrative services.


All other business support services.

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Our Leadership Team

Patsy Parrish, MBA

As the Founder and Managing Director of Parrish Business Services, LLC, Pat Parrish brings a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience to clients, industries and government sectors. As a recognized expert in affirmative action, business diversity, inclusion, and economic development of projects emphasizing support solutions for minorities, women, and disadvantaged communities, her positive impact is quantifiable During her time at the MWBE, the Disadvantaged/Minority, Women-Owned Business Enterprise, financial support increased from 27.9 % to 40% for diversity spending going directly back into the Business Diversity community. Pat’s public sector experience spans over two decades and has impacted government programs from local to federal levels. In her most recent role as an executive of a Texas Regional Tollway Authority, Ms. Parrish shared her knowledge and understanding as she managed and administered successful outreach by establishing business opportunities for those constituents for whom she has consistently made her mark.

Pat Parrish is fluent in identifying and creating practical solutions for those marginalized in society. She has served on the boards of many groups and organizations, such as the American Contract Compliance Association (ACCA), the American Association for Access, Equity, and Diversity (AAAED), and the American Association for Affirmative Action (AAAA) among others, and offers consulting and guidance on opportunities for diversity. Pat brings a fresh approach to each mandate and looks forward to continuing the exploration and implementation of programs that will provide inclusion, equality, and success for all.

Pat Parrish is articulate, diplomatic, persuasive, highly organized, possessed of strong, compelling leadership skills, and is passionate about sharing her commitment to universal success. She is as comfortable sharing concepts in small groups as well as in lecturing in large arenas and consistently provides constant support and solution driven responses.

Ms. Parrish holds master’s degrees in both business administration and management from the University of Phoenix. She is a Human Resource Professional and a Master Compliance Administrator

Areas of Expertise

  • Community Outreach and Diversity Partnership

  • Business Development

  • Solution Selling

  • Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Coaching and Transition Best Practices

  • Government Contract Compliance Solutions

  • Government Contract Compliance Solutions

  • General Management

  • Procurement Training

  • Affirmative Action Planning

  • Non-Profit Development and Management

  • Electronic Contracting Data

  • Collection, Monitoring, and Reporting

Gregory L. Parrish

Greg is a Contract/Procurement Professional with over twenty-five years of progressively responsible purchasing experience with agencies such as the Defense Contract Management Agency, U.S. Department of Energy, Siemens Energy and Automation Inc. and U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He is a Contracts Administrator, overseeing Compliance with Contractor Purchasing Systems Audits.

Areas of Expertise

  • Government Contract Compliance Solutions

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Procurement Training

  • Pre-Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR)

  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

  • Cost Analysis

  • Inventory/Capacity Management and Financial Management

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