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Honoring National Indigenous Peoples Day: Celebrating Culture, Amplifying Voices, and Advancing DEIB

National Indigenous Peoples Day: A Celebration of Culture and a Call for DEIB Action

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, Dallas Diversity Learning as well as other members of society can honor the rich history, culture, and contributions of Indigenous peoples. June 21, 2023 is a day to reflect, learn, and act toward recognizing the rights, addressing the challenges, and promoting the self-determination of Indigenous communities., we  at Dallas Diversity Learning will attempt to communicate the significance of National Indigenous Peoples Day and why leadership development services and DEIB in the workplace are vital for addressing the inequities faced by Indigenous peoples.

June 21, 2023, National Indigenous Peoples Day is a time to honor and celebrate Indigenous peoples’ diverse cultures, traditions, and achievements. Understanding and celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day provides America an opportunity to challenge stereotypes, foster understanding, and build respectful relationships.



By honoring Indigenous heritage, we acknowledge the resilience and wisdom of Indigenous communities while also recognizing the ongoing struggles they face due to historical and contemporary injustices. In addition, to honor Indigenous peoples and advance DEIB in the workplace, Dallas Diversity 24/7 and Dallas Diversity Learning strongly believe that cultural competency is essential. Here are some strategies to integrate cultural competency into DEIB efforts.  More specifically cultural competency strategies for DEIB Workplaces may include Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training.  Cultural Competency and Culture Awareness training programs enhances company employes’ understanding of Indigenous history, culture, and contemporary issues. This training also promotes cultural sensitivity, dispels stereotypes, and encourages respectful engagement.  

Join Dallas Diversity 24/7 and Dallas Diversity Learning in implementing these strategies.

ü  Inclusive Indigenous Representation:

1.      Ensure that Indigenous voices and perspectives are included and valued within decision-making processes, workplace initiatives, and diversity programs.

2.      Actively seek input from Indigenous employees and stakeholders to inform DEIB strategies.

ü  Resource and Network Building:

1.      Create resources and networks within the workplace that support Indigenous employees and promote cultural exchange.

2.      This can include affinity groups, mentorship programs, or partnerships with Indigenous organizations.

ü  Indigenous Supplier Diversity:

1.       Incorporate Indigenous-owned businesses into supply chains and procurement processes.

2.      This not only supports economic opportunities for Indigenous communities but also demonstrates a commitment to cultural competency and inclusion.

Book Services and DEIB in the Workplace:

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Dallas Diversity 247 is Here to Help

Diversity is a critical issue for organizations. A survey by Korn/Ferry International found that more than 2 million people leave their jobs each year because of unfairness in the workplace. In addition, hiring costs that result from high turnover are a huge stumbling block to company success, not to mention the time investment that goes into screening applicants and acclimating new hires to their roles. Still, the greatest hindrance to progression lies within the heart of the issue –devaluing and excluding employees because they are different limits their contributions and ability to grow. 

This training program gives newly emerging and experienced leaders and managers the tools and techniques for developing and refining their skills. This learning resource will help your organization retain employees and clients, make better decisions, and improve performance. Learn more about Appreciating Diversity at Dallas Diversity 24/7

Dallas Diversity 24/7 is a company that designs training programs, develops stakeholder communications, and provides leadership training to support organizational transformation and performance improvement. In addition, we offer DEI consulting, Human Resource consulting, and Leadership Development Training services. So let us walk this DEIB journey together, shall we? 

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