For small business consultants, experience and knowledge are just as just critical of an asset for success as networks and reputation. The field requires consultants remain up-to-date on current trainings, compliance requirements, technological advancements as well as other opportunities that help solve client problems.

Recently, I implemented a best in class online compliance monitoring and tracking system, ‘Vendor Training: ┬áPayment and Payroll Reporting,’ which included data integration and usage processes for a jurisdiction in Georgia. The knowledge and insights gained from this course were quickly put into practice in helping a local jurisdiction achieve business diversity accomplishments 90 days after the jurisdiction closed its financial books for the year.

While conducting a “how-to” training for a group of small business owners in Georgia, one small business owner inquired about using the system before the mandated date. Because the process and usage were so user-friendly, the individual in question could see the process was going to make her job a lot easier and her company more successful.

Through our work, the client can now realize the following benefits through outsourcing:

  • Generate reports to substantiate efforts and help you meet goals and promote a greater economic benefit (outreach, let contracts, workshops, etc.)
  • Free up valuable resources normally dedicated to small business reporting and allocate your time and money to funding and other business development opportunities to grow your business.

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