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Hiring A DEIB Consultant: What DEIB Consultants Want Every Organization to Know

Hiring A DEIB Consultant: What DEIB Consultants Want Every Organization to Know

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging initiatives have been enormous in the last decade. We have witnessed major civil uprisings that have impacted our current workplace. However, some organizations are still unsure how to create a diverse environment for their employees.

Since the #BlackLivesMatters protests in 2020, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of DEIB firms and consultants.

Does Gender Bias Corrupt Performance Reviews?

Does Gender Bias Corrupt Performance Reviews?

Every company has its way of measuring performance – it is a staple of the modern corporate world. Typically, the idea behind performance reviews is to measure how well or poorly an employee is performing to ensure fair compensation and promotions. On paper, most performance evaluation processes and metrics usually seem fair, but bias can creep in more often than not. One of these biases in the workplace includes gender bias.

Building A Diverse Workforce

Building A Diverse Workforce

Organizations and companies worldwide are always talking about diversity and inclusion – in fact, the two phrases have become some of the most cited corporate values today. Having an inclusive and diverse workforce sounds easy on paper, but with so many unconscious and systemic biases at play, these might be the most challenging goals to accomplish.

Becoming A Better Manager: DEIB Checklist

Becoming A Better Manager DEIB Checklist

As a rule of thumb, embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging principles in an organization is vital in creating a high-level performance enterprise as well as fostering employee engagement. Despite the important role DEIB plays in a company, some organizations still find it challenging to implement DEIB efforts and initiatives.

The Dangers Of DEI Non-Compliance

The Dangers Of DEI Non-Compliance “A specific event can impact how stakeholders such as customers, regulators, or investors perceive an organization. If stakeholders subsequently, choose to change their behaviors it may ultimately  impact on, for example, an organization’s sales, license to operate, or market value.” Financial Damage In the 2021 financial year, 34.1% of all complaints to the Equal Employment […]

Small Businesses Post COVID Where Are They?

Small Businesses Post COVID Where Are They? Small Businesses Post COVID WHERE ARE THEY? COVID-19 has single-handedly destroyed the world economy and has affected the livelihoods of millions of people globally, making it the biggest crisis since WWII. Small businesses have suffered the full brunt as over 40% of businesses were forced to close in […]

Diversity In The Classroom

Diversity In The Classroom “Inclusion builds a culture of belonging by actively invitingthe contribution and participation of all people” Diversity In The Classroom Impact on Education It can be challenging to talk about diversity in the classroom when there is no common idea of what “diversity” means in an educational or pedagogical context. Before we […]

Implement And Measure DEI

Implement And Measure DEI Introduction The concept of quantifying what matters is essential for making genuine progress toward fostering a healthy, inclusive workplace culture for a small business. By tracking your company’s DEI development, you can learn how your company evaluates the success of its DEI initiatives. By measuring your business’s diversity, equity, and inclusion […]

The Post-Covid Workplace

The Post-Covid Workplace “It would be helpful if you were wary of sending links or overly interactivecontent in an online environment as people begin todrift off-topic with such open-endedreferences.” Training in the Pandemic world and beyond. While the Covid-19 virus and its variants still plague the world, lockdowns and restrictions are lifted. Vaccinations and other precautions have lessened the risk, so […]

Bypassing Business World Bias

Bypassing Business World Bias In the Workplace, biases hinder far more than they help. Bypassing Business World Bias It is possible to overcome implicit Bias in the business world. As difficult as it is to admit, human beings are far more reactive than responsive; more times than not, the average person is on autopilot, just […]